Kanchanaburi, Thailand February 2019

Continuing to explore Thailand, we headed west from Bangkok to the Kanchanaburi area, home to several big national parks.

We stayed several days on the banks of the River Kwai

Erawan National Park, home to the unforgettable Erawan Falls
Bridge on the River Kwai

We went to visit a major tourist attraction, famous because of the book and movie of that name. We learned that the book and movie are 90% inaccurate, a fantasy, but that there was a major historical event there, the building of the Thailand-Burma railroad by occupying Japanese forces using slave labor and prisoners of war.

The movie made it look like the Japanese were incompetent builders (they were not) and that the British superior organization saved the bridge project (they did not). The bridge in the movie is not the one shown, nor was the bridge blown up by commandos and a train wrecked. Nor was the bridge actually over the River Kwai. Otherwise, a movie worth watching. The suffering of the workers was real.

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