Singapore, February 2019

Singapore has long been one of my favorite cities. Clean, lush and green, with lots of good Asian food, parks, ample buses and subways. I think it perhaps the best run large city in the world. I never tire of visiting Singapore.

Merlion, the symbol of Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino
View from the top of Marina Bay Sands Resort Hotel. ‘Garden at the Bay’ in the foreground
Nightime at Marina Bay
Garden at the Bay
Towers at night

Judy and I would often make ‘mileage runs’ from San Francisco to Singapore, and stay on Orchard Road within walking distance of the marvelous Singapore Botanic Garden.

The National Orchid Garden is spectacular.

Free concert in the park

The Singapore Zoo is delightful. In a natural rain forest jungle setting are spacious open plan exhibits that give the zoo creatures good habitats without walls.

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