Getting married, June 15, 2019

Two years ago, I met a beautiful woman in my travels abroad. I had not planned on marrying again, and was not dating anyone, anywhere. She changed my mind about that.

At the Singapore National Orchid Garden

After a wait of nearly a year to get USA permission, she accompanied me to the USA, and on June 15, 2019 we were married at our family farm in Amboy, Washington.

Our wedding guests

We are now embarking on a new part of our lives.

6 thoughts on “Getting married, June 15, 2019

  1. Denny Bartolo

    Congrats to you and your new love. You are a special person to me, and I will you all that is possible in the future.

    Denny Bartolo

  2. John Hart

    Dear Mel Big Congratulations to you and your new bride. Wishing you both all the best. Andy and I are still enjoying our Mauna Lani daily snorkels and will soon be going over to the the farm on Vancouver Island for summer and Fall.

  3. Elizabeth S Menkin

    Such a wonderful story of continuing to embrace life. I found this and your marvelous tribute to Judy when I went seeking a way to contact you about the changes to the coral in Makaiwa Bay. We visited here in the early 2000’s, drawn here by your book, and enchanted by the corals here mores than any other site we visited during that trip. Now, so many years later, we managed to visit again, August 2019, and were so sad to see the corals had lost their vibrant colors and many were stony, bare white. The data on ocean temperatures rising all around the Hawaiian Islands is scary and sad – the next two months may be to hottest ever.
    Blessings to you and your new love. May your adventures continue to nourish your soul.

  4. melmalinowski Post author

    Yes, coral bleaching has struck Hawai’i. It appears these episodes will continue, as the warming in El Nino years extends further west. We had thought the deep water around Hawai’i would protect it.

  5. melmalinowski Post author

    Thank you, John. Next summer, we will be building a summer home in Sequim, WA just across the Strait from Vancouver Island. When the government lets my wife travel, we will come visit Vancouver Island. Later: we’re not building summer home in Sequim! But we will come visit Canada once Pin is a US citizen.

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