Thailand by car, January 2019

I’m now traveling around Thailand by car. As my internet connections are often slow in rural Thailand, and I’m busy all day, I’m mostly putting up pictures with a few terse labels. I’m not going to try to make this a Thailand travel guide, but just share the atmosphere.

You get a lot for your travel dollar in Thailand, and can easily eat and sleep very well for a fraction of the costs in the USA or Europe.

Chiang Rai area, far northern Thailand. Higher altitude, more rain, cooler, lush. I like this area a lot.

Next stop: Ayutthaya, the old historic capital of Thailand. Located on the same river that flows down to Bangkok. A water destination, so we stayed in a traditional rustic wood room on a small island.

Then we headed east to the Saraburi area, and Khao Yai Park.

More to come, including Phuket

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