Humpridge Track, South Island, New Zealand December 2016

Heading even further south, I set about walking the Humpridge Track.

You begin by hiking along the coast.

These are BIG old Rimu trees.

A Kiwi couple from Wanaka, South Island, that I met along the trail.


After 8 hours of strenuous climbing, I reached Okaka Lodge, perched high atop Humpridge.

On the ridge top above Okaka lodge are some dramatic weathered rocks and tarns

As you leave Okaka Lodge heading toward Port Craig, you descend through a gnarled forest area they call ‘The Magic Forest’

After dropping down off Humpridge, you walk along the railroad grade built during the brief logging activity in this area from 1916 till 1928. There are several very high viaducts that have been preserved to walk across.

After returning from the Humpridge tramp, I went down to the southern-most part of The South Island, the town of Bluff. Near there, at a beach I watched small penguin walk slowly up the sand. You know you’re pretty far south when you begin to see penguins!


Yellow-eyed Penguin walking in New Zealand from Mel Malinowski on Vimeo.


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